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It’s not often you’re going to hear Glasgow Underground and Eurodisco in the same sentence but today is one of those days! Without giving too much away about the samples – Italo aside – there isn’t much Eurodisco that interests us BUT when a producer who recorded for Salsoul works out of Giorgio Moroder’s studio, it’s probably something we’re gonna be interested in.

If all that is just a wee bit too obtuse or trainspottery for you and you just want to know about the tune then “House of China” is a new single from 3 Italian producers who go by the names of Off Key and Big Ma.Mi and it is a great party record.

Support from: Mat.Joe, Lexa Hill, Roger Sanchez, Danny Howard, Krywolf, Vlada Asanin, Brett Gould, Emery Warman, Pirupa, Mark Doyle, Hector Romero, Marco Lys, Le Visiteur, Hollen, Kal Jhugroo (Underground Audio), Sllash & Doppe, Pete Griffiths (Toolroom), Vanilla Ace, D.O.N.S., Midnight City, Sean Roman, Alex Slater (LAMP), Vaxx, Jerry Bouthier.

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