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Its great when producers we love collaborate with each other. Here 3 of house and techs finest do so on one tune. Ferreck Dawn’s “In Arms” is easily one of the house tunes of the year, The Deepshakerz output on DFTD and Cajual has been essential recently and Shyam P is fast building himself a reputation as a serious vocalist in house music (check his collab with Jako Diaz on Subliminal for a real deep treat!).

“All Nighter” is about that moment that you realise you are not going home before the sun comes up. We’ve all been there! The beat has a similar feel to “Cola” but Shyam delivers lyrics with a darker, deeper edge.

Buy/Stream it HERE

Support from: Claptone, Angelo Ferreri, Hector Romero, Alaia & Gallo, PEZNT, SKT (Kiss FM), Piem, TCTS, Superlover, Deepshakerz, Roger Sanchez, Mat.Joe, Vanilla Ace, Graeme Park, Alan Nieves, Jako Diaz, Martin Solveig, Simone Vitullo, Siege, Dry & Bolinger, Josh Gregg, Brett Gould, D.O.N.S., Tough Love, Claude Monnet, Peter Brown, Mirko & Meex, Simone Liberali, Susinho, Emma White, Hollen, Guy Mac, Lexlay, Joe T. Vanelli, Le Visiteur, Vicious Magazine, Yvette Lindquist, mark knight, Lexa Hill, Ordonez, Aston Shuffle, Midnight City, Severino, Alex Slater (LAMP), Marco Anzalone, Mauro Venti.

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