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We are big fans of the new progressive section in Beatport, its been great to see artists like Grum, Cristoph, Stan Kolev and the rest get a platform for their melodic tech.

Our first Callisto compilation celebrated our favourites in that genre and here is the follow up. The musical brief is the same but we are now bringing some of the bigger artists in the genre to step up alongside Grum including Rafael Cerato, Stan Kolev, Kydus, Paolo Mojo, & Trilucid (with Phil Martyn). Here they all are alongside a beautiful remix from Daniel Trim and new works from young guns Dorian Craft, Space Motion, Matchy & Bott, Enamour, Giza Djs & Melody Stranger.

Buy it exclusively @ BEATPORT

Support from: Toni Varga (elrow), Chus & Ceballos, Will Atkinson (BBC Radio 1 Residency), Brigado Crew, Vlada Asanin, Cassimm, Oscar L, Solarc, Luigi Rocca, Stacey Pullen, Stan Kolev, Markus Schulz, Cevin Fisher, Dale Middleton, Jayden Klight, Lexa Hill, Le Visiteur, Alan Nieves, Luis Factomania, Dilby, Chris Main, DJ Morpheus, Pete Griffiths (Toolroom), Steven Brantley (Dead Space), Daniel Cuda, James Oliver (Mia Mendi), Tom Breu, Sam Bailey, Rob Cockerton, Michael Gold.

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