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If you’ve spent any time listening to Marco Carola this summer you’ll be very familiar with Emery’s work as the MusicOn main-man has been hammering his recent tracks on D-Floor and his own NoExcuse label.

For a few friends of mine this year, Ibiza has been pretty boring. Too many djs playing records that are little more than 1 note riffs over and over again. To them, the tech-house sound that has been really exciting for the last few years has really worn itself out. Personally I hear a lot of DJs too worried about appearing to be uncool playing something populist that they avoid anything that has too much fun or feeling to it. Seems like the antithesis of DJ-ing to me but there you go.

Whether Emery wrote this track as a tonic to those DJs who are paralysed by cheesophobia I don’t know but if tech house is going to carry on exciting crowds, it’s going to need more records like this.

Simple? Yes. Boring? No. Why? Because it has one of those completely irresistible baselines that just screams at your whole body to get itself on the dance floor.

Buy it at BEATPORT now

Also available today is Emery & GuyMac’s “Automatic Black”, a raw housier affair perfect for late night sessions in NYC.

Buy this one @ TRAXSOURCE now.

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