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Mermaids are a band from Glasgow who’ve previously released their own blend of live, slow-burning disco on labels like Foto, A Friend In Need & Non Local and supported the likes of Errors, The Field and theeSatisfaction.

Their debut EP for Glasgow Underground carries on this super-cool disco aesthetic but, crucially, adds in one ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS TUNE.

“Who’s That Girl” is a summer anthem waiting to happen. Based around a simple Madonna lick, this is good-time, sample-based dance music at its very best. Like Mylo’s “In My Arms” or Jean Jacques Smoothie’s “2 People” this is an end of the night killer for any kind of DJ.

For those that are looking for something a bit more underground to fuel their sets, Mermaids provide two serious jams for the heads. “A Pale Wolf” is a kind of Pachanga Boys-esque trip that’s already found a home in the sets of Jackmaster & Dixon Avenue Basement Jams and “Callisto” sounds like Idjut Boys and Bugz In The Attic remixing Candido’s “Jingo” into a Mr Scruff-friendly broken groove.

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