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Mia Dora follow up last years Essential New Tune (“Clear”) and their recent EP on Mad Tech (“After The Dog” / “You In The Future”) with these two heavy-duty left-field club cuts.

“Jezebel” is possibly their most DJ-friendly work to date. It’s also one of the most original, stand-out pieces they’ve written. I can describe how it sounds – like a cross between a DJ Harvey percussion edit, something Relief would have released in the 90s and a Julio Bashmore record (and I only cite him because he’s the closest producer sonically I can think of from now) – but in reality, I can’t think of anyone else making house music like this right now.

Remixes come from NYC’s Walker & Royce and Last Night On Earth’s ThermalBear. Walker & Royce deliver a typically intense and brooding affair taking the original’s jacking groove and stretching it out into a moody, early morning smash filled with revolving rhythms and cascading synths. ThermalBear adds some 90s New Jersey flavours to the mix with some bumping chords and bouncy drums.

If “Jezebel” is their most DJ-friendly record, “Sex Lines” is definitely the most unusual. Imagine Eminem adding vocals to a Green Velvet record and you’re getting close to the what-the-fuck-is-this factor that this record has. Its combination of heavy 909s, rapid bass patterns and insane, looping vocals has been a staple in the Mia Dora live sets recently and tearing the roof off every venue that’s heard it.

Support from: Skream, Detroit Swindle, Mosca, Larry Heard, Drums of Death, Slam, Ramon Tapia, Joyce Muniz, Laura Jones, PBR Streetgang, Mano Le Tough, Droog, Voyeur, Roska, Pavel Petrov, No Artificial Colours, Danny Krivit, Emperor Machine/Chicken Lips, Stefano Ritteri, Robert Owens, Brett Johnson, Jozif, Shir Khan, Russ Chimes, Behrouz, Axwell, Illyus, Those Beats, Severino, Vanilla Ace, Harri (Sub Club), Claus Casper, Rattus Rattus, Cream Dream, Nacho Marco, Jack Swift, Walter Ego, Let The Machines Do The Work, Kassey Voorn, HeavyFeet, Mia Dora, Per QX, Ben Martin (High Sheen), Luke Pompey, Moodymanc, Groove Assassin, Solaris Heights, Larry Tee, Greg Fenton, Amdrew Salsano (Nurvous), AMDJs, Stacey Pullen, Holosound, Mermaids, PAULIE, Dominic Martin, Graeme Park, Graham Sahara (Pacha, Ibiza), Samy Morpheus, Pena, Benoit (Tsugi), Thomas Coxhead, Mastercris, Jay Ennes, Deron (Stompy), Alex Caslano.

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