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Claptone was one of the first names on the list of people we wanted to remix Romanthony. Amazingly, right at the beginning of the whole project he agreed. But for some reason or another, it just didn’t work out. Each time we put together a new remix package, we would check and see if he was available and each time something meant it couldn’t happen. Either the track didn’t work for him or he was too busy. It looked for a while like we weren’t going to get our man.

Finally, late last year, we sent him the Floorpiece acappella and that was it. Something clicked and he delivered this MONSTER of a remix.

Like Schatrax’s “Mispent Years” or Inner City’s “Ahnonghay”, this is underground house music at its very best. Heavy garage beats, a dark’n’moody bassline and some killer keys underpin Romanthony’s unmistakable story about his Dj-ing experience. Get ready Miami, Ibiza and beyond, this is a future anthem for sure.

“The music is the power, The music is release.”

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