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We’ve been a fan of Motor City Drum Ensemble since the brooding and eerie “Escape To Nowhere” in 2007 – a track that sounded like someone had listened to “French Kiss” on acid and then tried to recreate what they heard. So when we started re-issuing Romanthony’s classics with fresh remixes, MCDE’s Danilo Plessow was always someone we wanted to on the project. It has taken 2 years to organise this mix and now it is finally here it doesn’t disappoint. Taking on “Trust”, most people would head straight for the vocal but Plessow instead eschews that idea for a warm, low slung dub mix reminiscent of Muzique Tropique and early Glasgow Underground releases by Studio Blue.

There aren’t make producers that manage to combine forward-thinking production and interesting musical concepts with a reputation for igniting even the coldest of dancefloors. Audiojack are one of those rare breed of producers that can do just that. Before this release the most DJ-friendly version of this song was Roman’s 1995 kick-heavy vocal-loopy “Ghost Mix”. Here Audiojack deliver the kind of rhythm-driven, detroit-influenced house workout that should usurp the “Ghost Mix” as the go-too choice for maximum dance-floor love.

When Kevin McKay and Freeform Five’s Anu Pillai got together to remix “Weltareh”, Freeform Five’s single on Eskimo earlier this year they got talking about Romanthony. McKay was planning on remixing the single but hadn’t started on the project yet so invited Pillai to join in. Over the years Pillai had collected an amazing array of unusual analogue synths and vintage outboard gear. This allowed him and McKay to take “Trust”, soak it in acid goodness and deliver a near-on 13 minute epic mix that provides both dub and vocal versions in one. Great one for the toilet break.

Support from: Dixon, Breach, Hot Since 82, Noir, TEED, Kruse & Nuernberg, Huxley, Till Von Sein, Groove Armada, Johnjon, Doc Martin, Urulu, Pearson Sound, Oliver $, Coyu, Monki, Art Department, Ben Pearce, Mark Knight, Phonique, MANIK, Charles Webster, Graeme Park, Dubble D / Moodymanc, Cassio Kohl, Maher Daniel, Tony Humphries, Auntie Flo, DJ Rocca, Renato Cohen, Michael Mayer, Sasse, Gavin Herlihy, Danny Tenaglia, Brett Johnson, Mike Monday, Tooli (Local Talk), Manuel Kim, Luke Pompey, Michel De Hey, Rattus Rattus, Chris Udoh (Wamdue Kids), Severino, Lee Webster, Kim Anh, Illyus, DJ Paulette, James Friedman (Throne of Blood), Claude Monnet, Tanner Ross, Luke Solomon, Chris Coco, Steve Lawler, Jens (Off Recordings), Tom Breu (Radio 1 Live, Germany), Golf Clap, Rocky, Groove Assassin, Yam Who?, Norman (Luna City), Toshiya (Mule Musiq), Thomas Gandey, Acid Jacks, Nick Ronin, Mella Dee, Jack Swift, Steve Nickolls, Organ Grinder, Admin, Chris Gold. Alex Caslano, Matt Toolroom, George Toolroom, Bearweasel.

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