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Daniel Trim follows up his killer “Do You Really Love What You Do” with the “Odet EP”, his third for Glasgow Underground. Kicking off with “Asimo”, Trim shows – with this spell-binding tune – that he really is a master of the melodic rave. Like a techno version of Ten Walls “Requiem” this track has one of those baselines; a creeping, throbbing monster that will hook you and and leave the dance-floor totally locked in the groove. “Odet” takes us somewhere completely different. It’s like a modern day version of “Last Rhythm”, it is one of those tunes that was made for dancing on ecstasy. It has everything you would want at an MDMA party; punchy beats, warm rolling bass and the kind of spiralling synth hooks and blissed-out chords that make you grin wide, bounce high and make silly moves. While every other producer on the planet is raping their 90s US house collections, Trim heads somewhere else entirely. “Saltwater” is an instrumental cover of the Chicane hit from ’99 and turns the Clannad sampling pop trancer into the kind of tripped out club record that – in the right hands – will be a total show-stopper. Huge! On “Metamorphose” and “My New Episode” Trim delivers two off-kilter vocal collaborations. First with Angelo, he takes the song style of someone like Storm Queen and twists it up inside his own shuffling techno groove and then, secondly, with Wifi Yi Tong he blends Radiohead style loops with Tong’s Kate Bush style vocals.

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