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Those Beats are Glasgow production duo Brendon Hislop and Mark Scott. They make, tough, uncompromising, hooky-as-hell house music. They cite their influences as a classic mix of soul, funk, house, garage and techno but – in reality – they’ve spent too long on the Sub Club dance-floor being schooled by Harri and Domenic Cappello in the art of innovative house and techno to make anything other than that. So if you are a fan of Last Night On Earth, Thermal Bear, Scuba’s Adrenalin or Sasha’s recent productions, this will be right up your street. Brought to Glasgow Underground by Al from Mia Dora (who Those Beats handed a demo to at one of their live shows), this EP has been given a further Mia Dora seal of approval with Rob from the band mixing all 4 tracks. Lead track “You Don’t” incorporates some classic house elements; nagging vocal, classy piano hook, killer bass rhythm and a big old kick drum. But this is far from a derivative work. The elements – each with its own unusual twist – slowly weave in and out casting a hypnotic, feel-good spell on the mix. It’s the kind of record that’ll have dj after dj up to the booth to find out what the hell is doing the damage. “Discontented” takes things a little deeper mixing a basic channel / aril brikha style backing with ghostly looping vocals and some art of noise style vox chops. One for those locked-in moments in your set. “Highrise” sounds like a Scan-7 record for Hypercolour (oh how great that would be if it existed!) all jazz rhythms and spooky organ hooks. Lastly “Always Keep Them Laughing” gives us a wonderful Sheffield sound clash, coming across like LFO meets Nightmares on Wax. As heavy on the bleeps as it is with the organic elements. All with that killer Those Beats bump to the drums.

Support from: Pete Tong, B Traits, Sasha, Jimpster, Groove Armada, Orde (Slam), Simon Baker, Chris Lake, Tom Flynn, Harri (Sub Club), Justin Sloe (Culprit), Severino, Kiki, Brett Johnson, Bxentric, Amine Edge, Steve Mac, Graeme Park, Dimitri (Ushuaia), Viktor (Mirau)….

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