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Bxentric first came to our attention with “Foolishness” – a wigged out piece of hypno-funk that sounded like the Doobie Brothers had been teleported into the 21st century and given an lesson in acid house. It was released by Aeroplane as an exclusive on his “In Flight Entertainment” compilation for Eskimo in 2011. For their debut release on Glasgow Underground Bxentric have delivered a perfect piece of late-night pop – a slow burning groove filled with Italo bass, swirling synths and the dreamy vocals of Emily Breeze. Remixes come from Kevin McKay, Phil Kelsey and Cosmic Kids. McKay & Kelsey take the original and trip it out on a blissed-out Moroder-ish workout complete with looping glocks and swooping Jupiter 8 stabs. NYC’s Cosmic Kids offer a straight up disco jam chopping the vocals over Rick James style synths stabs and funk bass. McKay also adds an extended club mix of the original. Support from: Michael Mayer, Axel Boman, Droog, Drums of Death, Sasha, Shadow Dancer, Mighty Mouse, Jozif, Thermal Bear, Slam, Betoko, Nicholas, DJ Rocca, Lem Springsteen (Mood II Swing), Lou Lou Players, Viktor (Mirau), Bruno (Cafe Del Mar), Cram, Ric Colair, Leigh MOrgan (Urbantorque), Dom (Plant Music), Alex Caslano, Illyus, Brett Gould, Tim Vita

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