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Kevin McKay first met Felix & Simon from Basement Jaxx in the summer of 1995. Their track “Samba Magic” was blowing up and he interviewed them for a feature in Muzik magazine. They were only on their 3rd record and even though the were already doing remixes for the likes of Roger Sanchez and Masters at Work, there was no ego. That was fantastic; they were making the kind of house music that the purists were going mad for but they weren’t snobby or elitist themselves. In short they had the good music & good times attitude that we love at GU. Back then it would have been awesome to have them on the label so we are really happy that, even though it is 21 years later, they finally are. And, who better to bring this classic up to date than Flashmob. He killed it recently with his heavy-ass tech-edged remix of “Let Me Show You Love” and now follows up his recent Beatport #1 with this brilliantly anthemic remix.

Available at both TRAXSOURCE & BEATPORT

Support from: Claptone, Enzo Siffredi, Latmun, Phonique, CASSIMM, DJ Mes, Brett Gould, Mat.Joe, Francisco Allendes, FlashMob, Manuel (Gomma), Piem, Alaia & Gallo, PEZNT, ATFC, Doc Martin, Freeform Five, Mike Vale, Karotte, Vanilla Ace, MoodyManc, Hollen, Ordonez, Joe T. Vanelli, Dilby, mark knight, Steve Lawler, Tobias Schmidt, Midnight City, Eric D. Clark, Pete Griffiths (Toolroom), Benoit (Tsugi), Steve Parry, Astons Shuffle, Yvette Lindquist, Claus Casper, Lexlay, Graham Sahara, Jean Bacarreza, Grazze, Mirko & Meex, Tough Love, Freiboitar, Lex Luca, Robbie Rivera, Graeme Park, Gareth Sommerville, Magitman, Wise D & Kobe, Josh Gregg, Severino, Claude Monnet, Simone Vitullo, Mauro Venti.

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