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#346 – QUBIKO, K-909 – THROUGH

When MK first broke through with “Burning” in 1991 his take on house was so unique it was breathtaking. It wasn’t just the sounds he was using or the way he would chop his vocals into a whole new hook, it was the feel of his records too. They were just completely different from everything else that was going on.

Qubiko is the first artist since then (with the exception of maybe Todd Edwards) that reminds me of Kinchen. His beats and the vocal hooks he choses aren’t copying MK by any stretch of the imagination but there is some feeling there, like the ghosts of those Area 10 machines are alive in his music.

Here he teams up with fellow Italian K-909 for a raucous house groove with a huge female vocal that reminds me of Junior Vasquez or Louie Vega at the Sound Factory Bar.


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