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The latest GU comes from one of my favourite acts in the new GU family, Piem. Here Barcelona’s W Hotel resident DJ teams up with two of the hottest names in Jackin’ House, Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax. For those a bit in the dark on Jackin’ House, it’s a sub-genre essentially created by the website to sort out the loopy, energetic, filtered type of house from the classic, 4/4 bassline, chords’n’stuff type of house. A lot of the Traxsource stuff has recently been included in Beatport’s recent revision of the House music genre on their store and so its popularity has soared in the last year with artists like Angelo Ferreri, Hatiras, Block & Crown & DJ Mes all gaining a wider audience.

As you’d expect after that intro, “Lovin'” is a killer slice of disco house that delivers on both energy and glittery disco goodness. Pick it up @ TRAXSOURCE.

Support from: Josh Butler, Mat Joe, Ridney, Anek, ATFC, Vanilla Ace, Supernova, Brett Gould, Demuir, DJ Mes, Alaia & Gallo, Tensnake, Lexa Hill, Lex Luca, Astin, Le Visiteur, MoodyManc, Piem, J Paul Getto, Marco Anzalone, Simone Liberali, Midnight City, Yamil, The Mekanism, Sam Dexter, Dilby, Severino, PEZNT, D.O.N.S., Paco Osuna, Groove Assassin, Vlada Asanin, Josh Gregg, Guy Mac, Javi Bora, Marco Resmann, Bias, Hollen, Mauro Venti, Kokks & Lein, Robert Owens.

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