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Here at Glasgow Underground we been a fan of Kydus’ for a while now; his tracks “Boomtang” and “Transatlantic” are both stone-cold dance-floor killers and his recent driving remix on Flyboy’s “Iceland” had the kind of across-the-board appeal that saw it working on radio for Pete Tong & Danny Howard as well as big club hitters like Grum, Lane8 & Franky Rizardo.

“Journey” is a monstrous slice of pulsating tech-house complete with a trippy beatnik vocal, the kind of thing you might get if Camelphat remixed Bobby O.

Buy it at BEATPORT now.

Support from Pete Tong, Steve Lawler, Mark Knight, Marco Resmann, Danny Howard, Mario Ochoa, Christian Nielsen, Hollen, Landmark, Guy Mac, Brigado Crew, Alaia & Gallo, Brett Gould, Siege, Per QX, Chus and Ceballos, Junior Sanchez and Space Motion.

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