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When techno started to draw us in again a few years ago, Hollen was one of the artists we were consistently feeling. Probably because, as some of our Glasgow friends say, we don’t really like techno – we like techno-for-house-heads. Hollen therefore, with his brand of loopy beats and rolling baselines, is perfect. His last release for us “Mainstream” is now the best seller on his own page and one of ours too so we are really happy to have him back on GU.

“Jungle Vibe” is – as you could probably guess – a slice of tough techno complete with distorted tribally chants with what sounds like a didgeridoo in the breakdown. It might sound odd, but this goes OFF.

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Support from: Huxley, Montel, De La Swing, Junior Sanchez, Hollen, Paco Osuna, Landmark, Golf Clap, Piem, Vlada Asanin, Timo Garcia, Severino, Steve Lawler, Joe Red, Dubfire, Snax, D.O.N.S., Benoit (Tsugi), Dead Space, Brigado Crew, Echomen / Solaris Heights, Vanilla Ace, Alan Nieves, Alevtina, Graham Sahara, Siwell.

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