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Alaia & Gallo are two of my favourite house producers; I love how they mix up the big tunes and the deeper, dj-friendly cuts. Today you are most definitely hearing what happens when they hit the Big Tune button in the studio.

“Never Win” delivers the kind of rousing, driving house record that should have hands-in-the-air and smiles-on-the-dancefloor from Hoxton to the Hideout Festival.

The vocal reminded me of the male voice in Mateo & Matos’ “The Real Thing” so I’ve taken it and done a similar percussion-heavy dub mix to the one I did for M&M back in 2001.

And if you are reading all of this and thinking, “That’s all very well, but where’s the disco?” then the b-side is just for you. “Shame” delivers fun times wrapped up in a whole load of disco bass, guitar licks and p-funk stabs.

Kevin McKay, May 2017

Support from: Nhan Solo, Man Without A Clue, Ruben Mandolini, Angelo Ferreri, DJ Mes, Mario Ochoa, Brett Gould, Lexa Hill, Alaia & Gallo, Joe Red, ATFC, Landmark, Alan Nieves, Wise D & Kobe, Chris Main, Monki, Piem, Guy Mac, Vanilla Ace, Pzent, Tobias Schmidt, Robert Owens, Brigado Crew, Steve Lawler, Vlada Asanin, Graham Sahara, Per QX, Samy Morpheus, Alex Ranerro, Timo Garcia, Carly Wilford, Claus Casper, Siwell, Matt Brown (CR2), Heavyfeet, Cassimm, Alevtina, Echomen / Solaris Heights.

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