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Mike Vale’s “Pretty Woman” track from 2011 is one of our favourite tech house bombs ever and so it has been a real pleasure for us to release some of his music on GU. Here he follows up his collaboration with Kevin McKay from last year with three cuts of essential house music.

“All Good” is a DJs dream with its tough, bass-heavy loops, jackin’ vocals and dreamy breakdown / killer drop combo. A proper reach-for-me-at-1am weapon. This is available @ BEATPORT & @ TRAXSOURCE

“Groove In My Soul” takes things a bit deeper with hypnotic conga loop, a system rumbling bass and classic vocal hook. This is available EXCLUSIVELY @ TRAXSOURCE

“Twisting My Mind” jacks the energy levels back up again with its trippy vocals, cool pianos and a funk-fuelled bottom-end. This is available EXCLUSIVELY @ BEATPORT

Support from: Roger Sanchez, Rene Amesz, Man Without A Clue, Brett Gould, Prok & Fitch, De La Swing, Erik Hagleton, Hollen, Alaia & Gallo, Josh Butler, Golf Clap, MoodyManc, Astin, Oscar L, Angelo Ferreri, Jacky, Vanilla Ace, Lexa Hill, Mike Vale, Montel, Guy Mac, Piemont, Tommy Vercetti, Dale Middleton, Landmark, Luvstuff, The Golden Boy, The Mekanism, Mario Ochoa, Tobias Schmidt, Alevtina, ATFC, Per QX, Steve Lawler, Brett Gould, Tough Love, Tjerk Coers, Anton Fielding, Timo Garcia, KC Lights, Heavyfeet, Robert Owens, Armand / Origins, Severino, Alan Nieves, Chris Main, D.O.N.S., Alex Ranerro.

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