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If there’s one thing the tortuous drizzle of the west coast of Scotland will do its make you yearn for Miami. And its just about that time of year again and so here is my selection of new music that celebrates South Beach and all who party there. I have 13 brand new tracks this year so I’ll try and minimise the wordage but maximise the picture for you on each track. Here goes…

01. Cj Jeff “Dealing With A Madman” => Chunky Sabb-style banger pre-loved by Digweed

02. Fer BR “Roots & Shoots” => Barca-made techno in a Paganini meets original Relief style

03. Camelphat “It Is What It Is (Kevin McKay Remix)” => NYC style tribal rhythms by me & the Camels

04. Chris Main “Nothing People” => Reese meets Claptone

05. Robert Sevillano “BP” => Jaydee for 2017

06. Housekeeping “Mikey Finn” => London’s finest house collective in a (original) Deep Dish style winner

07. Pax “What You Want” => Elrow, Roush & Kitball approved tech bangers

08. Simon Mattson “Ochynda” => The very popular Mr. Mattson and his heavy chuggers

09. Ario “Swag” => Super classy Hot creations style hip-house

10. Dorian Craft “Ayame” => Deep tech from the Pete Tong supported Paris DJ.

11. Alice Clark “Amnez” => Luch Ibiza tech from the Sankey’s resident

12. Qubiko “Debra” => MK-style garage from Italy

13. Alan Nieves “I Wanna Give” => Metodi Hristov meets NYC

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