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Mario Ochoa’s “Asteroids” on 2000 and One’s 100% Pure label is one of our favourite techno tracks of the year. Its killer hook and, not to put too fine a point on it, bouncy-as-fuck beat makes for heads-down dance-floor stomping every time so we were really happy when we signed these two bangers to Glasgow Underground.

“Quantum” is the kind of techno we’re loving right now; bassline rumbling like a runaway train, razor-sharp beats and epic, sweeping stabby hooks. Absolutely perfect peak time business.

“Galaxia” on the other hand takes you on a deeper, trippier journey, the kind of thing you’d expect Sasha or Hot Since 82 to drop when you were lost, deep in the land of arpeggios and soaring synths.

Buy both @ BEATPORT now

Supprt from: Dario D’Attis, Hollen, joyce muniz, Alaia & Gallo, Chus, Matt Sassari, Mat.Joe, Stereo MCs, TCTS, Oscar L, christian Nielsen, Vanilla Ace, Paco Osuna, Andy Raeside, Timo Garcia, Bias, Sante Sansome, Karuva, Marco Resmann, Brigado Crew, Jeff Eveline, Marco Lys, ATFC, Severino

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