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I have a new release for you from our chart-topping buddy, J Paul Getto. He recently remixed my own track “What U Want” and as I was returning the favour, remixing his “Freek” track, something weird happened. I was meaning to import some drum sounds from another track I was working on and I ended up importing the vocal. Magically the vocals sat perfectly on the remix and so I sent the result to Monsieur Getto to see what he thought. He was into it and so now we have this new vocal track for you. I know its not quite in the same league as Paul McCartney waking from a dream to record “Yesterday” but I was pretty pleased with it. Hope you like it too.

The original, dubbier mixes are available exclusively @ TRAXSOURCE

The new vocal mixes are available exclusively @ BEATPORT

Kevin McKay, July 2016

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