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Raffa FL is enjoying a sweet run of form at the moment with hot releases on the likes of Lost and MadTech and some killers to come on Roush & Avotre. His latest release on GU features two tough system bumpers.

“Emerald” takes care of the more musically inclined with a beautiful arpeggio riding some seriously heavy kick’n’bass action.

“Works Pt. 1” takes the 90s New Jersey house sound and gives it a right good 2016 techno make-over.

The “man-of-the-moment” tag gets banded around an awful lot and sometimes you struggle to see how its deserved but with a chart topping EP on Truesoul and a soon-to-be-chart-topping release on Tronic, Paride Saraceni really is a producer in huge demand. Here he takes Raffa’s “Emerald” and gives it is own unique twist.

And you can buy the whole EP now @ BEATPORT

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