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This week I have something a bit different for you, its the latest single from Dantiez Saunderson. Not only is Dantiez one of Detroit’s brightest young stars but (and as if you didn’t know) his dad Kevin has made some of the best (and my favourite house) records ever; Inner City’s “Ahnongay” & “Pennies From Heaven” (Kevin’s Tunnel Mix) and Reese & Santonio’s “The Sound” to name a few.

This release takes me back to the feelings of the very early Glasgow Underground records. Not that they are a homage to the 90s, far from it, but the deep love that runs through the grooves of “Maschine Man” is the kind of deep house I love. The kind that edges people on to dance floors or gives them warm hugs at an after party at 7am. And in case you thought I was going all warm-up on you, “Get Up” is a proper old skool party starter with raw, lo-fi beats and what sounds like Bon Jovi’s Talk Box running wild through a Chicago basement. Here’s Kevin dropping it in Paris –

Kevin McKay, April 2016

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