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One of my favourite summer records is the Jimpster remix of Kiko Navarro’s “Siempre”. It came out in the winter of 2006 and all through the beginning of 2007 I was longing to play it on a boat party, terrace, festival, etc. When the summer finally came, it didn’t disappoint; everywhere I played it, the place went OFF.

Last summer I was digging through some records looking for some sun-kissed tunes and I came across it again. For a tune that is 10 years old, it hasn’t aged one bit and I wondered if it might be available for re-release. After a lot of searching I got hold of Kiko and we planned a 2015 version. The original release had been licensed to a whole load of other labels and compilations so while I was cleaning up the internet of versions that existed where no money was going back to the original artist, I came across this amazing mix from Vince Watson that featured the same Jimpster mix – I used to run Omid 16B’s Alola label in the lat 90s and early 00s and Vince was a regular in my office in Glasgow. I looked him up on Facebook and he was straight away into the idea.

Even though Vince has been prolific over the last two decades, it feels like his career is currently at its strongest. Over the last year he has released on the likes of Bedrock, Cocoon, Poker Flat, Planet E and Yoruba – as well as providing Ovum’s 250th release as the label celebrated its 20th Anniversary.

Vince was so into the remix, he’s turned in 3 separate mixes. His take on it was that “Siempre” has so many beautiful parts, he had to do a mix with them all in so – for the full deep experience – he made his Epic Mix. For those looking for less music and more of a groove, he’s delivered a Smooth Mix and, if you want to go nuts for 20 minutes of gorgeous strings & rhodes, he’s added a Rhodes-apella too.

Kiko’s two original versions are here and the main man has provided 4 mixes of his own coming on a separate package later.


Kevin McKay, 25/05/15

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