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One of our favourite records of 2013 was Offspin’s aptly named “Guilty Pleasures”. Another was the 4th release in Shir Khan’s brilliant Secret Gold series. The artist they had in common? Pavel Petrov. His “Party Up” record on Offspin was the perfect hip-hop sampling, big-ass basslined monster jam and it did exactly what it said on the tin. Everywhere we heard it out from Propaganda in Moscow to the Sub Club in Glasgow this cut did serious damage on the dance floor. So while we didn’t think we’d become a home for Bulgaria’s two finest house producers, we are very happy to see Pavel join his countryman Metodi Hristov on the Glasgow Underground roster.

“Suzane Sunshine” kicks things off with another of Pavel’s fun-time party killers. Big guitar plucks, swinging chords and a bassline that would move the Empire State building make this perfect floor shaking cocktail. Add in some cheeky hip hope snips and, “Boom!” there you have it, big tune alert.

For those looking for something more serious, and a lot more like his Bulgarian friend Metodi’s style of club weapon look no further than “The Chavdar”. What it means, I have no idea. Maybe one of Pavel’s friends has built a radar for Chavs and this is named after it. Who knows?? All I know is that this has the kind of dark, rolling groove that has seen Metodi Hristov rise through the tech house ranks in a Wilfried Bony style and fashion. So if you have a small dark room full of hyped-up sweaty bods, and you want screams, fist pumps and a monster bounce when it drops (hold tight for 4m42s!), this is the cut for you.

The wonderfully-titled “Raccoons” finishes off the EP with a perky string-laden, cowbell infused groove that is made for a future 2015 boat party. If only Miami was just around the corner Oh HANG ON A MINUTE!!

Support from: Pete Tong, Hot Since 82, Sasha, Sabb, Skream, DJ T, EdOne, The Mekanism, Panda, Vanilla Ace, Sam Bailey (BBC R1), Nhan Solo, German Brigante, Pete Herbert, Terry Farley, Severino, Xanthe Fuller (Producer, Pete Tong, BBC Radio 1), Ray Foxx, Mystic Vybes, Luvstaff, Tjerk Coers (Armada), Ovr Kill, Claus Casper, Brett Gould, Acid Jacks, Viktor Mirau / Tensnake, Susinho, Shivers, Craig Bartlet, Rhythm Operator, Nico Stojan, John Jones (MoS), David Keno, Dale Middleton, Solaris Heights, Graham Sahara, Timo Garcia, Larry Tee, Wez Saunders (Defected). Golf Clap, Marcato & Tiny Toon, Taku Takahashi, Jeff Doubleu, Benoit/Tsugi….

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