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There are so many records with guys talking in them right now. You know the kind – a house beat with, some cool, deep, American sounding bloke waxing lyrical about real important issues like the size of his kick drum. Its like some producers can make a beat but have got no idea what to put on top so they think, “I know, lets find a spoken word sample, that’ll save me from actually thinking up a hook…”

That’s one of the reasons why – generally – we’re not interested in them at Glasgow Underground. Another is that we remember all the ones that came out in 1994 and we thought we’d heard enough of them then to last us a lifetime. So if you’re going to remake Technique’s “This Old House” (or something similar) then don’t mind us but we won’t join in.

But there’s always the exception that prove the rule. Sagat’s “Fuk Dat” was one back then – a brilliantly funny club record.

And “Chronic Tronic” by Origins Sound is another for right now. With it, Ali Mehrkar and (new Noir Music signee) Joseph Price (Third Son) have made a record with an awesome vocal message and a floor-busting beat that will stand up against the likes of Oxia, Coyu and Jay Lumen.

For those of you who like things a bit more twisted there is “Deeper Still”, a seriously loopy heads-down groove that will will fit right in next to Man Without A Clue, Cristoph or Pleasurekraft. Just watch out for the breakdown, it whips things up more than a Westminster dominatrix.

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