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Those Beats have spent a wee bit of time following up their last record [the excellent Discontented EP from last year that got supprt from a wide range of DJs from Jimspter to Pete Tong]. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve not been slacking, its just that for two people who spent so much time on the Sub Club dancefloor we felt that they had a big Subby tune in their heart and it just needed a wee bit of extra coaxing out of them.

And here it is. “Lead Me On” is the kind of kick-drum heavy, ass shaking piano anthem Bicep would have made if they’d eaten more square sausage, drank more Irn Bru or Buckfast and spent more time organising after parties on Jamaica Street at 3am on a Sunday morning. And if you’re still not sure what I’m getting at then apologies for the heavy Glaswegian references – just think Seven Grand Housing Authority but with catchy-as-fuck vocals that go round and round in your brain for days.

Of course, once they made one, they couldn’t stop themselves. It’s down as the b-aide but “Tilt” is anything but. It’s got the synths and mood of a great Tale of Us records but its beats and basslines were imagined sometime on a Glasgow dancefloor, no doubt to a Domenic Cappello soundtrack of Detroit moods and Chicago jack.

Support from: Sasha, Noir, Groove Armada, Eton Messy, Btraits, The Mekanism, Junior Sanchez, Bodden, Shir Khan, Panda, Vanilla Ace, Psychemagik, Carly Wilford (Rinse FM), TCTS, Jozif, Kiki, Marco Lys, Nhan Solo, Brett Gould, Solaris Heights, Illyus, Artifact, EZLV (100%% Silk), Claus Casper, Ray Foxx, Jamie Anderson, Justin Sloe (Culprit), Nacho Marco, DEVolution (Kiss FM), Sean Roman, Sonny Wharton, Alex Over (Let The Machines Do The Work), Lowboys, Anna Cavazos, Timo Garcia, Jack Swift, Ison/Actor One….

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