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OVR KILL are Rob from Mia Dora and Glasgow DJ Ross Stenhouse. They have previously released on Kitball, Kling Klong and produced the highly underrated “Floating Point” last summer on GU. “Jakeball Summer” is the perfect Ibiza tune. If you distill it down to its elements what you have is a cool vocal, a gloriously uplifting synth line and a fist-pumpingly good bottom end (and no cheesy samples in sight). But that doesn’t really do this monster tune the justice it deserves. So, imagine “Walking With Elephants” if it was in a better mood. Or the kind of music the 90s revivalists would make if they took more E (like they did in the 90s). And hopefully you end up somewhere near “Jakeball Summer”. It is one big smiley of a tune. 🙂 Support from: Support from: Skream, Grum, Supernova, TCTS, Panda, Btraits, Chus & Ceballos, DJ T, Bodden, German Brigante, Vanilla Ace, Illyus, Newbie Nerdz, Mash, Ray Foxx, Origins Sound, Marco Lys, Wamdue Kids, Sonny Wharton, Brett Gould, Solaris Heights, Shivas (FFRR), Kal Jhugroo, Alex Over / Let The Machines Do The Work, Tim Cullen, Golf Clap, Jorge Navarro, Anna Cavazos, Cassie (Shazam), Stacey Pullen, Poupon…

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