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The first release since Romanthony’s tragic passing had been sent to the pressing plant before he died. Following discussions with his family and advisors, Glasgow Underground is continuing its series of re-issues to help create a legacy for Romanthony’s children.

Andre Crom takes Roman’s 1995 classic and takes it on a modern day garage journey filled with skipping beats and stabbing chords and – in tribute to the original – one massive organ bassline. Big tune.

Ejeca opts for a more direct, heavy on the kickdrum treatment and while he’s opted for a similar sound palette to Crom but in the young Belfast producers hands “Ministry Of Love” becomes a hypnotic, crowd-pleasing piano anthem that is up there with the best work he’s done.

On one of his 3 mixes on the package and given that this was one of the few Romanthony classics where the remixes had access to the full parts, Kevin McKay reproduces Roman’s original jam in his “90’s re-edit” to give a flavour of what the original would sound like had it been released today.

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